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Pints of Guinness make you strong, so we laugh at danger and break all the rules. Even at our worst, we're still better than most. KimDracula: "Be quiet and drive, far away." Street Carp: "Koi no yokan." Xerces: "There's a hole in the earth, I'm out." Pink maggit. There will be tears when strawberry swings turn into dust, but keep writing. Get fighted, old crow. Give it a name, Cosmonaut. So it goes, in memory when it's blackout. Sleepless nights even as summer fades to fall. "15 minutes" is more beautiful than silence. Beside you through the fallout and ever after. Aquarium. ...And out come the wolves because life won't wait. Ever changing rumours of demise have been greatly exaggerated, so give it all the blood to bleed and swing life away six ways 'till Sunday on a 3 day weekend. One year, six months. It's hard to say that I caught fire. I'll wake up exhausted. Get mad, you son of a bitch, it's fun time in the speed of dark. These are my postcards from home.

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